jewel care

All the jewels are handmade by me with genuine materials such as sterling silver, pearls, gold, gemstones etc. and are crafted to the highest standards. Nevertheless all pieces are fragile and should be worn with care. To keep your jewel at his best and to prevent damage:

  • don’t wear it while sleeping
  • don’t wear it while bathing, showering or swimming
  • don’t spray perfume on the skin where you wear the product
  • avoid contact with water, soap and chemicals
  • store you jewelry in a seal bag to avoid tarnishing and scratching

The best way to keep your jewel from tarnishing is to wear it frequently.


cleaning of jewels

Silver jewels oxidise over time, which means the upper layer of the jewel turns black under the influence of components in the air or even the acid in your skin. I recommend polishing regularly with a soft cloth like cotton or silk. If you clean jewels with polish please don’t brush too hard to keep the product at his best.

My black jewels are made dark with a dipping solution. This speeds up the oxidation process. It is a thin layer. The black colour will disappear where the surface rubs your skin or clothing. This way you will give your jewel the finishing touch. This will result in a worn-out look. Blackened silver should not be cleaned or polished.

Do you have a question about your product or taking care of it? Please e-mail me at nolda AT noldavrielink DOT nl


jewel repair

If a jewel needs repair work please send it to:

Nolda Vrielink
Daguerrestraat 30
1087 CH Amsterdam


If your jewel has a defect within six months after you purchased it, you can send it back to me and I will repair it free of charge. If it broke after six months, as items occasionally do, you can make use of my repair service. For a friendly price I’ll repair your item and send it back to you, good as new. Repair work will be done for minimum costs, starting from € 25,00 (including packaging and sending) depending on the type of damage.