My name is Nolda Vrielink and I’m the designer and maker of these jewels. Already as a child I was fascinated by jewelry, spending hours making earrings out of tiny beads and brass wire I took from electrical cord.

A few years ago I decided to become a professional jewelry maker and I started the training Goldsmith at the Vocational School Schoonhoven. So now I can leave the electrical cord in peace behind and play around with silver, gold and stones.

When designing I try to aim for simplicity. A piece originates while I’m moving around pieces of silver, gold and stones in all kind of shapes and colours. I try combinations until it ‘fits’. It’s like doing a jigsaw puzzle.

I use silver, gold (recycled!) and (semi) precious stones. As you can see I like my jewelry brushed, blackened or white. The white colour is caused by a special technique that brings the fine silver to the surface. This kind of surface may change over time: it becomes shinier. I have created the black color by oxidizing the silver. This also may change a little by wearing to a unique patina, especially with rings. It can be re-blackened.


P.S. The colour of a jewel may change or may become more shiny over time. I am happy to help if you want your jewel to recover to its original surface.